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Our mission is:
To make amazing food
Fanatical focus on service
Give back to our neighbourhood
Run an efficient, profitable business
To have Fans, Not Customers



This menu was specially created by Head Chef Gennaro Garofalo. Our seasonal menus capture the essence of Italian cuisine with tasteful Mediterranean flavour combinations.

The winter menu is a real feast for the soul. Selected specialties warm up not only your stomach, but also your heart. Individual meals are intense in flavour, yet very simple. Flawlessly selected fresh ingredients, which speak for themselves, they will transform an ordinary winter evening in a beautiful celebration of appetite and will give the necessary force to life. Along with the recommendation from our wide selection of great wines will leave you with a pleasant recollection of satisfied FAN in Amici local.

This is ‘Our Promise To You’

Houman Meshkati

Chef Gennaro Garofalo

Amici Menu