Persian Stews

The Heart of a Culinary Adventure ~ ‘Khoresht’ is a delicate & refined stew. It is a combination of either meat, poultry or fish with vegetables; fresh or dried fruits, beans and sometimes nuts, left to simmer over a lazy flame. Add £4 for rice / salad / southern curly fries or £3 for taftoon or barbari bread

  • Ghalieh Mahi o Maygoo ~ A famous and spicy stew recipe from southern province of Iran (Khuzestan province). It is a combination of fish, prawns, herbs, garlic and tamarind paste

  • Khoresh-e Fesenjan ba Ordak ~ The jewel in the crown of all stews. It is sweet and sour. Traditionally served to mark a celebration, most often the arrival of important friends or family.



  • Khoresht-e Ghorme Sabzi ~ A traditional and very popular dish in Iran. made with fresh parsley, chives, coriander & fenugreek slowly cooked with kidney beans, seasoned with a blend of Persian limes & spices

  • Khoresh-e Bademjan ba Ghooreh ~ Roasted aubergines simmered in a delicate tomato, young grapes and saffron sauce, This is a great Vegan dish just with aubergine